Making Your Relationship Last

Making your relationship last can be done, you will have your good times and bad times, but if you both want this to work then it will. The thing is, that both of you have to want it to work, and be committed to making it work, it won’t happen if there is just one of you making all the running, you are in this together, for better or for worse.

The problem is, what happens if your partner is not yet ready to commit to the long-term? It could be the case that your partner loves you dearly, but that they still need to work through and understand their feelings for you. What would you do in that situation? If you really love them you need to accept the stage that they are at, and concentrate on building the best relationship that you can. If you want to make your relationship last then you have to work together, you cannot have just one of you deciding what happens, you have to be together because both of you want to be together.

In order for your

How to Prevent Unhealthy Relationships

In order to steer clear of unhealthy relationships, it’s essential to be able to know what a healthy one is. If our primary example regarding marriage is our parents, and we aren’t too thrilled with many of the traits their relationship has or had, we need to consider what a healthy relationship does look like.

Now…many years ago, before there were scanning machines to detect counterfeit money, bank employees were trained to recognize the real from the fake. What’s most important…is that they spent all their time studying the original article, and no time on studying the fake. The goal was to get the employees so conditioned to the features of the genuine article that anything that deviated from it would stand out immediately. In relationships, it works exactly the same way. The traits of a healthy relationship is what we need to concentrate our focus on.

A healthy relationship is one that involves 2 people who invest their time and energy to build a team. The relationship is a high priority for both members and requires attention for it to grow and get stronger. This seems

Common Relationship Mistakes

No one is perfect and, certainly, no relationship is perfect. However, some people find themselves making the same relationship mistakes over and over. As a result, their relationships are doomed to fail. The key to breaking this cycle is recognizing these common relationship mistakes and avoiding them in the future. Here are the top five relationship mistakes people make.

1. Any relationship is better than no relationship. Not true! Some people just don’t want to be alone. Or, some people will just “settle” until someone better comes along. Unfortunately, sometimes these relationships just float along and ultimately turn into a long-term relationship or marriage with one, or both, of the partners never really being happy with it. This relationship is simply doomed from the start. Everyone deserves to be happy and if you are going to be unhappy, you might as well be by yourself so you can control the circumstances and the outcome.

2. Believing in a fairy tale – the “perfect” relationship. There is no such thing. We are all flawed human beings in some way and that translates into flawed relationships. You need to

Techniques for a better shag

Meeting people for sex isn’t so difficult these days, especially now that adult dating sites are so popular with both men and women. No joking, all genders are getting to use those services because sex is easier to get into that long-lasting relationships. Those dating sites do a lot of the work for us, we just need to send messages and hope someone replies saying they are interested. But beyond that, there is still one thing to come: sex will eventually happen and we will be left to deal with it by ourselves. Adult dating sites can get us together but the sex part is up to us, so how can we make that side of things better?

Be relaxed

After you’ve looked online for the best shag dates around, you will eventually find an interested person. You will meet and if it all goes well then you will end up together in a hotel room. This alone can make people quite nervous as they are not used to such situation. Maybe you will want to have a few drinks before to calm each other’s nerves down, but don’t overdo it or you won’t be

When a Relationship is Over

Five Tips for Knowing When a Relationship is Over

Whether to walk away from a relationship or whether to stay is one of the hardest decisions we face in life. When you’re in the middle of a passionate relationship with a lot of time and emotions invested, it’s hard to have perspective.

Walking away from a relationship, or admitting that a relationship is really over, is even harder when we’ve poured years of our time, energy, and love into it. Nevertheless, there are certain times when ending a relationship is inevitable.

Sometimes we have to end the relationship ourselves. At other times, our significant other may end the relationship. No matter who ends it, at some point we must face the truth: the relationship is over. There’s a right way and a wrong way to go about anything, and that’s never more true than when you’re breaking up.

But how do you know when a relationship is really over?

When should you tough it out and fight for your love? When should you tell yourself that you did your best, and now you have to let go?

No two relationships are ever

Relationship Reciprocity

Most of us do not consciously think about reciprocity in our intimate relationships and when we do, we might say, “of course it is important.” And as we think about the Golden Rule, we recognize it as a valuable principle to live by. Reciprocity is not something that can be exact, because what one person can do, another person cannot. The most obvious example of this dichotomy is that most women do not have the strength men have to lift and carry heavy items. On the other hand men cannot have babies and many have difficulty threading a needle. These are general and physical examples, of course, but they can help us begin thinking about reciprocity in intimate relationships. Reciprocity and cooperation are so valuable, precisely because we do have various strengths and weaknesses.

Although people have long-recognized the importance of reciprocity, Marsha Linehan explained its value in intimate relationships in her dialectical behavioral therapy theory. Her work continues to be appreciated, taught and used in many therapeutic settings, with men, as well as women. Reciprocity is also mentioned as an important relationship characteristic in the Trauma Recovery and Empowerment Model, developed by a group of

Type, Quality & Purpose of Relationships

Relationships can be determined by type, quality and purpose. Different types of relationship can have different qualities and a different purpose. This is what makes all relationships individual and unique to those within the relationship.

Types of Relationship

There are many Types of Relationship.

What type of relationship that I have with someone depends upon the roles that we are both playing within the relationship. As the roles change, so does the type of relationship.

Husband & wife, father & son, mother & daughter are all different types of relationship. Teacher & pupil, trainer & trainee, therapist & client, coach & coachee are all different types of relationship. Director & manager, manager & worker, employer & employee, employee & customer are all different types of relationship.

As I change my role within a relationship, I change the type of relationship that I am having and how I relate to another person.

A mother & daughter may relate to each other as a parent & child during the early years of their relationship and relate to each other as best friends later in life, even though they remain a mother and a daughter

Using Patience in a Bad Relationship

We all hope for someone we can truly share our lives with, unfortunately not everyone is lucky enough to be in a loving, healthy relationship. Some people have unhappy relationships because they are just not compatible, and some people are unfortunate enough to be in some very bad relationships. Now, people might wonder why someone could stay in such a situation, but the only way that those individuals can move on with their lives, is by using patience in a bad relationship.

For a relationship to succeed it helps to have some common ground between you. This could be that you share similar interests or that you went to the same school. Having similar interests gives you a connection that can be worked on and developed. If you have nothing in common then you can have a more difficult time. I know that opposites attract, but on the whole they tend not to have lasting relationships.

Just loving your partner is not enough, you have to like them as well, they have to be your best friend. If your relationship is going to work you have to able to share your lives together, you have to

The Art of Happy Relationships

Sometimes a relationship will start after a very brief period of dating, even a day or so, and this is often considered unwise because people will say, “they hardly have had a chance to get to know each other.” Such reasoning is totally based on the physical and emotional level of through, and does not consider the instantaneous contact people can have at a soul to soul level.

The happiness of a relationship is therefore never relative to the time spent in dating or courtship. Nor does the time the relationship lasts have much to do with the length of time spent in dating before hand.

Apart from Soul to Soul connection however, there are other elements of a relationship that can make and break the happiness of it. There are five layers to consider and within each layer, there are variables. I will try to make this less complex.

1. Layer One – The Physical or Animal Nature.

The first layer is our response to the other person through our five senses of taste, touch, smell, sight and sound.

Sight is the most influential where, if we like the look of our

Best Ways to Save Your Relationship

Keeping our relationships healthy and active requires concerted effort from both parties involved. It is true to the letter that every relationship has its fair portion of clashes and misunderstandings which often leads to resentment, bitterness, hurt feelings, pains and sufferings of different degree by one or both partners.

Owing to the fact that both parties in a relationship are different and consequently have divergent views, concerns, dreams and aspirations, and these coupled with each other’s quirky personality differences can easily to lead to offences which most the time might not be intentional. If these conflicts or sticky misunderstandings are not resolved when they occur and are bottled up by one or both partners, they can very easily snowball into bigger problems for the relationship.

While every relationship is different, they basically go through almost the same types of complication. Therefore an understanding of the reasons why most misunderstandings happen will be a very essential tool in fixing the current problems the relationship might be encountering and help prevent future conflicts from degenerating into more complex problems.

In an effort to look into ways through which we can help in saving our relationships, below are

Understanding Relationships

Understanding relationships have been subjected to criticism and social attacks. A lot of people do not believe that true relationships can ever be attained in these present times, where our societies are characterized with mistrust, violence and fraudulent practices.

In any relationship, there must an element of communication which enhances the sharing of feelings, hopes, aspirations and other things between two or more people.

However, there are different types of relationships and it is very essential to know the basis of any relationship. This is because; the foundation of relationship will either determine its longevity or short-lived tendency. It will be very important to mention some few factors which will throw more light on this subject matter.

These basic factors are mentioned below:-


It is very essential to know the purpose of any relationship that one must go into. There are many relationships and each one has its purpose. For instance, the purpose of two persons coming together to form a business relationship is to engage in business dealings, so at the end, proceeds from such business entity will be shared. This is very vital in a business relationship. The definition of

It’s All in the Relationship

What’s important about a relationship? Everything! True success comes within the confines of authentic relationships. Anything less is superficial.

You buy and sell based on relationships. You hire and fire based on relationships. You agree or disagree based on relationships.

Relationships are necessary for every endeavor you attempt. Since you know the significance of a relationship, why do you (and me) mess them up so much of the time?

When was the last time you took an inventory of your relationships? Or do you just think your relationship “health” will maintain itself?

When you enter into a relationship, you expect it to last, right? Unfortunately, things change and so do people. In time, people’s flaws start to show and you find yourself doing more relationship maintenance than you’d like. When do you pull the plug? Should you pull the plug? When do you clean house? What determines your next move?

At this point in time you should assess your relationship’s value. A relationship is like a good pair of shoes: they’re nice and shiny, clean and look pretty spiffy when they’re new. Then they become very comfortable and feel great! After awhile

Tips to Making Up In a Relationship

All relationships are bound to run into obstacles and also some type of problems, the best part of a relationship is making up after the fights. There are many different tips for making up in a relationship, and when a couple is able to take advantage of the fight to learn more about one another, they are generally able to maintain a healthier relationship and gain a more intimate relationship. There are many different tips that have been proposed by relationship gurus and experts. By looking at all of the different factors that affect a relationship and making up in a relationship in a healthy manner, couples are able to build a solid foundation of which can then enhance the experience that they have together.

One of the most important aspects is to acknowledge the reason for making up, and the reasons for fighting or even breaking up. It is important to consider where the relationship went wrong, the different perspective of both parties, and what exactly happened to cause a kink in the relationship. Couples that are able to get to the bottom of the problem are generally able to open up to another and also

Relationships Balance Between Love and Freedom

Love is not an exclusive relationship; love is a quality and depth of being. Our outer relationships are a mirror of our basic inner relationship with ourselves. Relationships are a balance, a development and a dance between our male and female qualities. All people seek love, joy and harmony in their own way. We all want to be loved for who we are. We all want to be acknowledged and accepted for the unique individual we are. The problem in relationships arises when we seek our own center, our own source of love, in another person. We seek a source of love outside of ourselves.

The problem in relationships is that the other person also seeks after his own center, his own source of love, in the other person. In this way both persons will sooner or later feel disappointed and cheated, because of their expectation on the other person. It is first when we let go of the idea and expectation that the other person will give us the love that we do not have inside ourselves, that the base for a really loving, satisfying and meaningful relationship is possible. It is first when the

8 Viewpoints That Harm Relationships

Establishing a new relationship is followed by unique challenges as well as exciting hopes and experiences. Nonetheless much like anything in life, starting out on the wrong foot could make matters more difficult or maybe unachievable. Having the wrong thoughts about relationships might be something which haunts individuals, injuring their relationships currently or even all through their lives. To recognize them, listed here are a couple of the wrong philosophies which might affect your relationship.

Your spouse is there to fulfill you
The thought that your loved one exists to fulfill your life is a very “take” attitude. If a man and woman in a relationship possess this, a relationship will not work. This is simply because both folks are taking until eventually there’s nothing remaining. What’s essential for a relationship is a give attitude. If both persons are giving to each one, not merely are their personal necessities being met, but their relationship results in being purposeful and fabulous.

Feelings are everything
Individuals put too much stress on the emotions they get from another person in a relationship. Men and women will often abort a relationship mainly because their feelings for their significant other have

Five Keys to Relationship Success

1. Relationships take work.

Some people believe that if you find your “soulmate”, then the relationship will be forever and invariably easy. It will all just come “naturally”.

No, it won’t. ALL relationships take effort and commitment if they’re going to last and be successful. The fact that your relationship is hard sometimes doesn’t mean that you’re with the wrong partner. It just means that you’re in a relationship with a person. If you want easy, get a dog.

A relationship with a human partner requires that you commit yourself to Listening, Understanding, and Responding. Your partner has feelings, needs, wishes, and experiences. To the degree that you commit to and practice to Listen in service of Understanding your partnerandto be Responsive to what you now understand, you have a good chance of being successful in your relationship.

2. Relationships are living things and require nurturance.

Partners sometimes believe that relationships will remain healthy and resilient just because at one point they were. Relationships require attention, care and feeding, just like any other living thing. Whether or not you’re noticing, they’re experiencing the wear and tear of daily life. Relationships need to be nourished regularly, with kindness, intimacy, opportunities for

True Meaning of A Relationship

I was recently having a conversation with a friend of mind who is much older. She got involved with a gentleman in which after being in a “relationship” for a few weeks they broke up. She was shocked to find that only a few weeks after breaking up with her that he was in a “relationship” with someone else.

This was mind blowing to her because she is like me in many ways. She just does not jump into a relationship easily. For myself, I think I have had about 2 boyfriends in my life. Both boyfriends I introduced to my family and I was very serious about. This is not to say that I did not date, because I have, but boyfriends and dating are two very different things.

For myself, I will date someone, and in the process of dating them I will determine if I would like to get more serious with them or not. Meaning, I like to determine if they are boyfriend material while dating them. I state this fact, all to say this. Both men and women of this generation need to understand what relationships are and what they are

Healthy Relationships For Beautiful Life

In happy relationships, there are five simultaneous relationships happening. Healthy relationships are based upon each person having a relationship with him-or-herself. The relationship with the self is the basic building block of a relationship. Both parties must have broken through their denial systems to some extent, achieved some modicum of honesty with themselves, and become willing to take responsibility for themselves. In general, each must be a person in his or her own right. If one does not have a relationship with the self, it is truly impossible to have a living process (healthy) relationship; it will not be possible to be honest with the “other” if one is not in contact with oneself.

This relationship with the self is a source of pleasure and expansion and needs time and nurturing in order to grow. In order to have a relationship with the self, it is necessary to have quiet time alone, time to enrich one’s spirituality. A relationship with the self takes time. Truly having a relationship with our own process relates us to the process of the universe.

The next two relationships that occur in healthy relationships are each person’s fantasized relationship with the

Honoring You in All Your Relationships

It’s no secret that it takes two to create and maintain a healthy relationship. Although I would agree with this statement, I also know there is a lot one person can do to change the dynamics of any relationship. And since none of us have the power to change another person, it only makes sense that the best place to start in our relationships is with ourselves.

At our local Super Walmart, there is a gentleman there by the name of George. George stands at the front door and enthusiastically greets everyone who walks into Walmart. He smiles at the guests and with a jubilant tone, he asks people how they’re doing. When he’s not talking to someone, he is singing and enjoying life wholeheartedly. George has the ability to change me and my mood, simply by being who he is. By honoring what is important to him – joy – he brings out the best in his Walmart relationships.

Our lives are touched by many relationships. While most of us define a relationship as existing between two people, there are other types of relationships as well. The one component of your relationships that remains constant,

Handling Your Relationship Problems


It appears or so it seems that there must be a relationship problem in every relationship. This is one aspect in relationship that very many people pray they will never experience. But be sure and understand that the only place where relationship problems will not occur is a place where there is no relationship at all. No matter how small or casual a relationship looks like, there are problems associated with it. The earlier you learn this truth the more prepared you would be when these problems arise. Most times while we find it difficult to get along again with our partner after having a relationship problem is because often than not we don’t prepare for them before they come. Actually nobody ever wishes to experience any problem in his or her relationship but we can never no matter how we try run away from relationship problems. While I want this stuck in your head is for you to understand that it is not a strange thing for you to be passing through this kind of relationship problems. Have you heard of the saying that says that “what goes for the duck is